Sirdal Resort does no longer have Downhill Cycling as an activity. 

The Chairlift is undergoing maintenance and will not be available for the public Summer 2019.


New activities: Mountain Cart and Climbing Park

Visitors are allowed to hike and use the maintenace road up the mountain, but be aware of the Mountain Carts and maintenance traffic on the road during opening hours. We are searching for a Downhill club or group for cooperation and managing Downhill Cycling, creating tracks, building ramps, events and voulenteer work. As it is today we can’t sustain the costs of making and reopening the tracks every year. Contact us on mail if your club is interested:

Sirdal is criss-crossed with quiet country roads that are perfect for cycling.

You can cycle at your own pace in a beautiful and varied landscape. There are plenty of places to stop and eat your packed lunch and even have a swim. Suggested routes and circuits: Ådneram – Svartevatn: 30 km round trip Haugen – Hegrefoss: 22 km round trip Tjørhom – Donsen: 13 km round trip Tonstad – Virak: 26 km round trip Cycle hire: Suleskard Fjellsenter: tel. 38 37 11 13 Haugen Hytteutleie og Camping (cabins and campsite): Tel. +47 38 37 12 83