Ski hotel

Why take your skis home with you?

At Ålsheia, we have around 150 ski lockers that we hire out to customers who don’t want to take their skis home with them or leave them lying around the resort, or who need somewhere to store their skis after the end of the season. We can also prep your skis for you, during the season or before you put them in for storage, for NOK 150. Please ask us if you would like this service. There is also a one-off charge of NOK 100 for a padlock for the locker.

Send an email to with your name, address, email address, phone number and what size locker you would like.

Priser og størrelser

Size Price Capacity
Small locker 950,- Space for about 3 pairs of skis
Medium locker 1500,- Space for about 4 pairs of skis
Large locker 1800,- Space for about 5 pairs of skis

Snowboards will fit into medium and large lockers.