Ski school

We provide:

One Hour Private lesson  – 50min
700,-/per person (+1 person 600,-)

Double lesson – 1t 50min
1200,-/per person (+1 person 650,-)

Half day private lesson  –  2t 50min
1650,-/per person (+1 person 700,-)

Whole day private lesson –  5t, in two sections
2700,-/pers (+1 person 1300,-)


Level 1– Green

Beginner is for you who want to learn the basic skiing. We will help and guide you with all the equipment and the technics to slide, turn and brake
Experience: No one.

Level 2 – Blue

We develop the technique to become even safer on the ground. We work with parallel skis and get better control and flow in the run.
Experience: You must be able to swing and brake in green hills.

Level 3 – Red

We are working on the technique in skiing.
We train in achieving flow and safety to ski in all types of slopes, regardless of difficulty.
Experience: You must be able to run controlled in simpler slopes, type blue / green.

Level 4 – Black

We refine the technique and teach us how to handle the skis on different surfaces and in varied terrain.
After the alpinist’s desire.
Experience: Good technical control in all types of slopes.


Call + 47 51 20 81 80 or use the booking form:

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